Aspiration Examples

If you need some inspiration to start thinking about aspirations, here are some examples of aspirations in the different areas of life. But first, let us talk about the two types of aspirations:

  • Self-Transformation Aspiration: internal aspirations regarding who you want to be, and the qualities or states you want to embody.
    • Aspirations in the area of personal growth and spirituality usually fall in this category. For example, “Master my Mind” or “Be calm and centered at all times, “Live with joy and energy”. 
    • This type of aspiration is based on the concepts of Power Words and living inside out, more fully outlined in my upcoming book on self-confidence.
  • Life Transformation: aspirations regarding what you want to achieve, experience, or live.
    • Most of the examples in the list below fall in this category.
    • This is the type of aspirations that Mindful Self-Discipline most focuses on.
Health and Wellbeing
  • Be always healthy and full of vitality
  • Feel engaged in life and carefree
  • Feel young and look young
  • Be well without any medications or substances
  • Feel light and free in my body
  • Make groundbreaking discoveries in my field
  • Be recognized as an expert in _____
  • Help ______ people achieve/get/feel _______
  • Fully express my potential in ___________
  • Be the best _________ I can be
  • Produce original and inspiring music
  • Live a life of financial abundance
  • Be debt free and worry free
  • Own my own house
  • Life off passive income
  • Build wealth for my family
  • Find a partner I connect with in a soul level
  • Create a loving relationship with my children
  • Be a sanctuary of safety and support to my friends
  • Love fully and be loved fully by my spouse
Mission & Contribution
  • Make the wisdom of the East accessible to the West
  • Help end child trafficking
  • Teach mindful communication to millions
  • Advance the cause of holistic medicine
  • Raise awareness about gender inequalities
  • Support single moms
Personal Growth
  • Fully heal myself from my past traumas
  • Be calm, confident and courageous in all interactions
  • Become more loving and compassionate
  • Master the monkey mind
  • Be an expression of ____, _____, _____ (power words)
  • Achieve Nirvana
  • Purify my body, mind and energy
  • Awaken all the chakras and the Kundalini
  • Merge with the Absolute
  • Live in constant surrender to the Higher Power
  • Learn and practice spiritual wisdom


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