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If you say you want to try something, it shows that you are interested, but not committed.

In trying there is only enough energy to get you to do that thing, and see what happens. If with that limited amount of energy you get good results, then you decide to put a bit more in, and see what happens. But if you meet a big challenge, you won’t be able to proceed, because your intention is not charged with determination and willpower. You’ll take it as a sign that that path is not for you, and give up.

“I’ll try” lacks determination. It could also mean a lack of self-belief, or even fear of failure—you don’t want to say a big yes and then face disappointment. Part of your energy is already being allocated to help you feel okay about a projected failure.

When this is our approach to most things, we are living a very low-voltage life.

Think of your brain as a lamp with potential for infinite brightness, and your intention or willpower as the current. When you simply have a soft intention to do something, the amount of energy you create is low—let’s say, fifty volts. Consequently, the current that passes through your brain is also low, and the amount of light you produce is small. That limits what you can see and limits what you can do.

On the other hand, when you have full determination to accomplish something, you are generating a much higher amount of energy—let’s say, two hundred volts. As a result, the current powering your brain is much higher; it activates more resources and produces more light. You feel more capable, more confident, more charged up.

A resolution, as a concentrated form of willpower, is that higher voltage that helps you tap into deeper resources in your brain. It makes you feel more alive. Believing in yourself and moving forward with courage in the face of challenges then becomes much easier.

If something is important, really important, then don’t try. Commit.


Where in your life do you need to move from “I’ll try” to “I’ll do it”?

Going Deeper

To better understand and exercise your determination, review Chapter 31 of Mindful Self-Discipline.


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