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Is happiness our ability to collect as many moments of pleasure as possible? Is happiness the result of having a big house, a good partner, stable health, and money in the bank?

All these things are definitely good, but they don’t deliver happiness as a state of being. They deliver comfort and happy experiences, but not a deep state of fulfillment, which is typically what we refer to when we use the word “happiness”. There are many people in this world who have all these things, and yet are not happy.

Real happiness can only exist when there is a deep sense of purpose. When you are living with purpose, you are living a life bigger than yourself. You are fully engaged in growing and serving at your highest potential. You are in what Positive Psychology calls a state of flow.

Getting to a state of flow consistently, and living a life focused on your purpose, starts with you being clear about your values and aspirations. This clarity is essential—but not enough. This clarity gives a compass for your life, but from that moment onward you need to actually make use of the compass, checking it often and going where your North is pointing.

In the system of Mindful Self-Discipline, we call these the three pillars: Aspiration (know your purpose), Awareness (cultivate your purpose), Action (live your purpose). Living the three pillars is living a life of depth and fulfillment.


What can you do today to create more space for living your aspirations? What will you need to say no to, so that you can live with greater focus and purpose?

Going Deeper

Review the concept of Triple Commitment, in chapter 10 of Mindful Self-Discipline. If you are a member of the MSD app, then watch the COPE Framework class in the app.


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