Constantine Georgiou

Mindful Self-Discipline for Leaders

There is very little that Constantine Georgiou hasn’t already experienced and overcome as a leader and entrepreneur. His career as a serial entrepreneur, together with his experience as head of venture capital and startup programs, means that his coaching comes from direct experience in what matters in living a full life and building a sustainable business.

His coaching style is direct yet compassionate, which allows his clients to cut through the noise and have a direct experience of who they truly are.

As a full spectrum transformational leadership coach, Constantine has enabled over 500 leaders and entrepreneurs to become more resilient, focused, and effective. Since 2012, he has designed and led programs that overcome the self-defeating impacts of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity by implementing modernized tools from ancient wisdom traditions. This includes using biofeedback for brain training and time-tested awareness protocols that fast-track transformation.

As a teacher, he has led more than 400 students through resilience bootcamps that unlock the capacity to advance despite adversity. Key to these programs is developing mindful self-discipline and a mature level of awareness that produces a competitive advantage. Most of his students leave his programs feeling more powerful, grounded, and peaceful.

As a practitioner, Constantine has been on the path for 20 years and has transcended many old patterns and self-limiting conditioning. He has made suffering his ally and as a result is skilled at leading people to greater clarity, agility, compassion and joy. His ability to assist leaders and entrepreneurs by shifting consciousness for more effortless problem-solving and productive habit formation is his superpower.

If one of your key aspirations is to become a better leader, business owner or entrepreneur, Constantine’s unique combination of leadership coaching experience and his training in the Mindful Self-Discipline framework makes him uniquely positioned to be the mentor you are looking for.

Areas of Focus

  • Entrepreneurs struggling with imposter syndrome, uncertainty, rejection
  • Leaders struggling with loneliness, confidence and poor performance
  • Men/Women struggling with procrastination, powerlessness and vulnerability
  • Releasing trauma from the body for emotional freedom
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Workbook + Bonuses

Join the MindfulSelf-Discipline tribe to gain access to all free bonuses.

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