The +1/-1 Tracker

The +1/-1 tracker is a powerful tool for developing one of the two core skills of the Higher Mind: awareness. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools of self-discipline, because it trains you to slow down, turn off the autopilot, and be more purposeful about the choices you make in your daily life.

The tracker invites you to bypass your excuses, and be radically honest with yourself. That is not always easy, but it’s the path forward if growth is what you are looking for.

Here are some examples of what you might track.

If you have a health aspiration, you might give yourself a +1 for choosing fruit instead of chocolate, for deciding to go to bed on time even though you had more interesting things to do, or for doing an extra set of exercises at the gym. You might give yourself a -1 if you broke your diet, skipped exercise, hit the snooze button in the morning, or spent hours sitting in front of a computer without a break.

If you have a career aspiration, you might give yourself a +1 for enrolling in a new course, doing 30 minutes of reading that will help you upskill, or having a difficult conversation with your boss. You might give yourself a -1 if you didn’t focus well at work, wasted time in meaningless activities, or avoided an important project out of fear of failure.

You can also give yourself a +1 whenever you have taken action on one of your SMART Goals, and -1 if you skipped it.

Whatever area of life your aspiration is in—finances, family, spirituality, business—it can benefit from the added awareness and commitment that comes from the daily use of the Tracker.

Here is how you can take your practice with the tracker to the next level:

  • Start by setting a strong intention to track every decision you make that is relevant to your aspirations.
  • Throughout the day, whenever you make a decision that impacts your goals (either positively or negatively), become aware of it, and open the app to briefly register that decision.
  • Reinforce this new habit by reaffirming your commitment to be aware and track your decisions. You can do that as part of your Day Plan practice (see step 5 in the Daily Plan tool in this app).

Keep in mind that it takes a few days to build the habit of using the tracker—but once you do, you will realize its power. You will be living much more consciously, taking more consistent steps toward your goals, and going to bed every night feeling more satisfied with your day.

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