The Higher Mind Principles

The Higher Mind system is about living your aspirations, expressing your true potential, and dying without regrets. It’s about self-actualization, fulfillment, and well-being. It’s about cultivating awareness, willpower, and wisdom.

  1. Higher Minds have clear and powerful aspirations.
  2. Higher Minds take full responsibility and believe in themselves
  3. Higher Minds think long-term and prioritize fulfillment over comfort.
  4. Higher Minds practice meditation, self-reflection, and conscious living.
  5. Higher Minds cultivate pause, awareness, and willpower in their life.
  6. Higher Minds persevere on the path until they achieve their goals.
  7. Higher Minds are kind to their present self and their future self.
  8. Higher Minds have consistent habits and a powerful morning routine.
  9. Higher Minds have a plan, work for success, and get up when they fail.
  10. Higher Minds have an uncompromising commitment that they go Never Zero on.
  11. Higher Minds know how to deal with procrastination, distractions, excuses, and doubts.
  12. Higher Minds live in alignment with their highest goals and values, day after day.

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