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At the bottom, you’ll find the links to all future classes in this Season.

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The Mindful Self-Discipline app is how you take what you learned to the next level, and make sure that you actually follow the exercises in the live classes and the book, so you can get the transformation that you desire. Get your free 2-week trial today! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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  • Self-Discipline: The Key to Living Well (MSD, S7, ep. 1) (US time, EU time)
  • The three pillars of Mindful Self-Discipline (MSD, S7, Ep2) (US time, EU time)
  • Find Your Life’s Purpose (Mindful Self-of Discipline, S7, Ep3) (US time, EU time)
  • Living Your Life’s Purpose (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7 Ep4) (US time, EU time)
  • Cultivating Ownership and Self-Belief (MSD, S7, ep. 5) (US time, EU time)
  • Make Your Offering, Get Your Reward (MSD, S7, ep. 6) (US time, EU time)
  • The Powerful PAW Method (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7, ep. 7) (US time, EU time)
  • Shift Your Focus (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7, ep. 8) (US time, EU time)
  • Shift Your Perception and Your Emotion (MSD, S7, ep. 9) (US time, EU time)
  • How to Overcome Excuses and Persevere (MSD, S7, ep 10) (US time, EU time)
  • Overcome Distractions and Live Focused (MSD, S7, ep. 11) (US time, EU time)
  • Taking committed ACTION (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7, Ep12) (US time, EU time)
  • Build Effective Habits (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7 Ep13) (US time, EU time)
  • Overcome Procrastination (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7, Ep14) (US time, EU time)
  • Overcome Self-Doubt and Failure (MSD, S7, ep. 15) (US time, EU time)
  • Go Never Zero (Mindful Self-Discipline, S7, ep. 16) (US time, EU time)
  • Mindful Time Management, part 1 (MSD, S7, ep. 17) (US time, EU time)
  • Mindful Time Management, part 2 (MSD, S7, ep. 18) (US time, EU time)
  • Your Morning Routine (Mindful Self Discipline, S7, ep. 19) (US time, EU time)
  • Lifestyle Upgrade and People Detox (MSD, S7, ep. 20) (US time, EU time)
  • The 3 Pillars of Meditation (MSD, S7, ep. 21) (US time, EU time)
  • Develop Your Virtues with Self-Discipline (MSD, S7, ep. 22) (US time, EU time)
  • Spirituality and Self-Discipline (MSD, S7, ep. 23) (US time, EU time)
  • Self-Discipline and Purposeful Living Q&As (MSD, S7, ep. 24) (US time, EU time)
  • BONUS #1: How to Organize Your Digital Life, Tasks and Todos (MSD, S7) (US time, EU time)
  • BONUS #2: Digital Decluttering (MSD, S7) (US time, EU time)
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