without forcefulness

How to achieve your goals, in a world of distractions.

A mindful approach to Self-Discipline, based on self-respect, not punishment. Self-Discipline gives you the superpower of focus, allowing you to overcome procrastination, excuses, self-doubt, and stay on track with your values and habits even after motivation is gone.

This book is a comprehensive and practical guide for you to develop the self-discipline you need to enhance your health, improve your wellbeing, increase your income, deepen your relationships, and fulfill your dreams.

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Why Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline empowers you to be who you want to be, and live the life you want to live.
This virtue is highly praised because, with it, growth is possible in all areas of life.

Without Self-Discipline

Health: low energy, low immunity, extra weight

Finances: overspending, credit card debt, low earnings

Career: lagging behind, not growing, not standing out

Relationships: poor communication and impulsivity

Wellbeing: noisy mind, low self-confidence, negative self-talk

Self-Actualization: not fulfilling your dreams


With Self-Discipline

Health: eat healthy, sleep well, exercise regularly, get fit

Finance: increased income and savings

Career: growth, promotion, high-performance

Relationships: better communication and connection

Wellbeing: meditation, positive self-talk, positive emotions

Self-Actualization: focused on your aspirations


“Everyone must choose one of two pains: the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.”

– Jim Rohn

Why Mindful Self-Discipline?

Regular Self-Discipline: force yourself to do things that are important for you. Emphasizes willpower.
Mindful Self-Discipline: enjoy doing the things that are important for you. Emphasizes awareness.


What is one word that describes MSD?

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I can live my aspiration right now!

MSD is self-discipline without beating myself up!

This book is a ticket to freedom

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