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Popularly called “The Meditation Bible”, Practical Meditation was published by DK (part of Penguin Random House), and has sold over 50,000 copies. Available in eight different languages, this book teaches you many different styles of meditation, and is abundantly illustrated.

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Amazon Bestseller in the categories Meditation and Spiritualism!

It took me many years, the study of hundreds of books, and the practice of thousands of hours of meditation to finally collect all the pieces of the meditation puzzle. And here it is: the Practical Meditation book! This is the book that I wish existed when I started my journey, as it would have saved me so much time and energy. Each chapter is fully illustrated, easy to digest, clear and practical. No fluff, no difficult concepts, no new age woo-woo.

You can open this book on any page, and be sure you will learn something practical about meditation. Think of it as meditation in a box—or, as one of the readers called it, “The Meditation Bible”. The vast majority of meditations in this book is secular by nature, but rooted in the ancient contemplative traditions. Whether you are new to meditation or have been meditating for years, I guarantee that you will learn something valuable from this book.

– Giovanni Dienstmann

What you will learn

Practical Meditation provides powerful knowledge and skills to implement in your daily life

tick-icon-yellowWhat is meditation, and common misconceptions
tick-icon-yellowQuick meditations anytime, anywhere
tick-icon-yellowAvoid pitfalls in the practice
tick-icon-yellowThe best way to tame your mind
tick-icon-yellowThe scientific benefits of meditation
tick-icon-yellowHow to build a rewarding daily practice
tick-icon-yellow39 different meditation techniques
tick-icon-yellowHow to overcome relaxation anxiety
tick-icon-yellowMeditations for your career, art or public speaking
tick-icon-yellowHow to take your practice to the next level
tick-icon-yellowBreathing techniques that immediately calm
tick-icon-yellowWhat is samadhi, exploring spiritual meditation
tick-icon-yellowTools to become calm, centered and focused
tick-icon-yellowUse meditation to deal with challenges of daily life

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Practical Meditation
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