Transitioning from Mindful Self-Discipline

I’m expanding the framework, to make this work clearer, more cohesive, and more universal.
Watch the video below to learn how I came to this decision and what it means for you.

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Hi there, it’s Giovanni Dienstmann here!

I’ve made a big decision around my work, and wanted to share with you the thought process behind it, and my plans for what is next.

The purpose of this big decision, and the transition that comes with it, is to make my work more impactful. For you, this means a clearer path forward, and a more cohesive system that you can use for your growth and self-transformation.

So, the big decision is this: I’m expanding my framework, updating my brand, and changing the name of my website to

Many of you have known me from the time of, my first website and popular meditation blog, launched in 2014. That site, with all its courses, is still up and running, but I haven’t been as active there.

In my career, as I was finding my voice as a teacher and a coach, and my place in the large world of meditation and personal development authors out there, I explored different things. After some time, it became clear to me what is unique about my approach, and the transformation I want to facilitate in people.

When that happened, I wrote my second book, Mindful Self-Discipline, and created a new website just for it. That was in 2021. The idea was to start from scratch, so I can have a clean slate to develop my message, without disturbing the previous ecosystem (LiveAndDare) which was self-contained and is still beneficial for thousands of people.

My plan was that, from that moment onward, everything I write and create would be an unfoldment of Mindful Self-Discipline—children of the same system and approach. In that spirit, I wrote my third book, Wise Confidence, which grew out of my need to expand the concepts of four of the chapters of MSD— around self-doubt, self-belief, virtues, and determination.

Fast forward to late 2023, and I began to realize a couple of things:

  1. For people who have not read both books, the concept of self-confidence is not necessarily perceived as linked to self-discipline.
  2. Despite all my efforts in recovering the original, positive meaning of self-discipline, for some people that angle is still off-putting.
  3. This problem would be compounded by the fact that I intend to write future books within the self-mastery space—including on focus, determination, life purpose, and spirituality. Communicating that all these works are part of a larger framework called “Mindful Self-Discipline” would be potentially confusing for many new readers.

I knew that I needed to make a change, but was unclear how to move forward.

Then one day, in deep meditation, I got a clear message from within telling me to re-structure my work around a larger concept. When I asked that “voice” what should I call it, the answer came in like lightning: Higher Mind. All the open threads in my mind got suddenly resolved, and there was no more doubts.

I wanted a master-system that was closely related to Mindful Self-Discipline, yet broader and that sounded more appealing. Something that represented all that MSD represents, and yet has the space for me to develop all the different aspects of my work.

And there I had it!

Following that insight, I spent hours reflecting on it, and realized that this is what my work has been about all along—since the first tagline of my LiveAndDare website, “Master Your Mind, Master Your Life”.

“That’s it!”, I thought. “It’s all about cultivating the higher mind! This is the one key, the one central point of all personal development, meditation, and spirituality!” 🤯😳🤩

• Cultivating the higher mind is what happens in meditation practice. (Practical Meditation)

• Cultivating the higher mind is self-discipline and self-mastery. (Mindful Self-Discipline)

• Cultivating the higher mind is essential for living inside out from our new identity. (Wise Confidence)

You can learn more about this metaphor, and the principles that come out of it, by reading the articles linked below. From now on, I’ll be using these terms everywhere. All the pages of MSD will now be redirected to the same URL in the HigherMind domain.

This means that you will see “Higher Mind” everywhere in my website, emails, and soon also as the new name for the app. And you’ll see “Mindful Self-Discipline” only when I’m specifically referring to the book of the same title, or the framework it presents.

I hope that this change helps you stay better connected with the teachings I share, and the purpose of my work—so that you can achieve your goals, live your aspirations, and be the person you want to be.

Articles about the HIGHER MIND:

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