The Monk Week Retreat

Distractions are one of the main obstacles to self-discipline, especially in our modern society. Their cost is much higher than we are usually aware of. They are not only damaging our mental health, but also weakening our willpower and aspirations.

When you are habitually distracted with instant gratification and trivial activities, you eventually get indifferent toward your goals. You are satisfying the human need for fulfillment and purpose through small pleasures that promise you both, deliver none, yet keep you addicted for more. It is a vicious cycle.

The Monk Week is an opportunity to reverse this cycle. It is going on a dopamine detox for seven days. During this time, you avoid all distractions and temptations, and instead cultivate presence, contentment and focused work. You train your brain to satisfy your hunger for meaning and enjoyment through long-term goals, rather than instant gratification.

The Retreat

The Monk Week Retreat is a great reset in your life. Together with other like-minded individuals, you will:

  • Learn all the techniques from the book
  • Practice several styles of meditation
  • Clarify your values, vision, and action plan
  • Do deep inner work to overcome limiting beliefs and negative emotions
  • Go through willpower challenges such as fasting and cold showers
  • Have one-on-one coaching time with Giovanni

A New You

The retreat also includes time every day for you to do focused work on your most important goals. That could mean planning your business, writing a book, practicing your art, exercising, reading—whatever it is for you, as long as it’s offline (no internet is available during the retreat).

The Monk Week Retreat is the birth of a new you. It’s a chance for you to experience a radical shift in your life, and begin living by the Pareto principle of self-discipline: dedicate 80% of your available time, money and energy on things that advance your highest values and goals; and 20% in pleasures and distractions.

The date and place for the next retreat has not been decided. If you want to be notified when it becomes available, fill in the form.

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Meditation PDF + Workbook + Bonuses

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Workbook + Bonuses

Join the MindfulSelf-Discipline tribe to gain access to all free bonuses.

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