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Imagine if you had the perfect self-discipline to create positive habits, break bad habits, follow a morning routine, and consistently stay on track with your goals day after day. Imagine if obstacles such as low motivation, fear, self-doubt, distractions, overwhelm, excuses and procrastination could no longer hold you back. Imagine if you were no longer controlled by negative self-talk and impulsive behavior.

  • Who would you become?
  • How would your life be?
  • What would that feel like?

The Challenge

Between where we are now and where we want to be there is a gap. It is not a gap of knowledge, time, or resources. It is a gap in self-discipline. It is a gap in self-awareness and self-mastery.

The external world is not holding us back and distracting us—we are.

If we do nothing about it, we stay stuck in the conditioned life. This is the life you were conditioned to live by your past, your dramas, and your current environment. It is what comes naturally for you. In this mode, you are reacting to life, not responding. You are living by default, not by design.

What is possible for us is to live the designed life. This is you creatively shaping your life according to your highest values and aspirations. It is you expressing your full potential, and being the best version of yourself. It is you taking control of your life.

“Mindful Self-Discipline is the bridge between who you are and who you want to be.”

The Path


Discover your deeper values, purpose and goals. Enhance them and prioritize them in your daily life. Cultivate a mindset of ownership and self-belief. Be ready to live your aspirations. Learn how to be true to your why.


Live more consciously, and keep your goals top of mind. Let your aspirations be the compass for every decision. Stay on track without beating yourself up. Overcome distractions and excuses. Master the key tools of self-discipline.


Create an action plan for your goals. Build and maintain keystone habits. Reward yourself. Overcome procrastination and self-doubt. Bounce back from failures. Create a never zero commitment.

In order to make this shift, you need to implement what I call the three pillars of Mindful Self-Discipline: Aspiration, Awareness, Action.

With strong Aspiration, you feel driven and alive. With strong Awareness, you feel focused and in control. With strong Action, you make consistent progress.

If you have these three pillars, then you have self-discipline, and you will consistently take steps toward your ideal life and ideal self. You will keep your promises to yourself, have strong willpower, and stay on track.

If you don’t have these three pillars, no amount of productivity hacks will ever fix the problem. Unless you work at the core of the issue, all tips, apps and tricks will only be temporary solutions. They work for a while, but then you are back to where you were.

Each of the three pillars has multiple exercises and concepts, and many ways to go through each of them. Therefore, the journey of each person through these pillars is unique. In the past years, I’ve coached dozens of individuals through this path—and no two people were ever the same. The master shift is personal to each individual.

The Accelerator

The Mindful Self-Discipline book gives you information—it teaches you the system. The Mindful Self-Discipline coaching is about personalized guidance, accountability, and support. It gives you the feedback, clarity, and confidence you need to accelerate your progress towards your goals.

As part of the coaching, you will also gain access to a custom app, with tools that will help you implement the techniques you will learn.

There is a depth of transformation and support that can never happen through reading a book. Having the knowledge is one thing; effectively using it to transform your life is something else.

Whether you have read the book or not, if you want the shortcut and are ready to commit fully, then the coaching program is for you.

If you feel that this may be for you, let’s talk. Select your coach and book your free discovery call by clicking the button below, and let’s find out if this feels like “Hell YES! This is exactly what I needed… I’m ready!” for you. This is the type of client we are looking for.

Choose Your Coach

Giovanni Dienstmann

Be coached by the founder of the Mindful Self-Discipline system. Giovanni has worked with CEOs, hedge fund managers, artists, musicians, business owners, doctors, and other ambitious professionals. Whatever your goal may be, he can help you develop the self-discipline you need to fulfill it.

Constantine Georgiou

How can Mindful Self-Discipline make you a better leader? If you are an entrepreneur or business owner struggling with with imposter syndrome, uncertainty, rejection, loneliness, low performance, or vulnerability, Constantine can help you move to a more empowered state.

Sepi Tajima

Sepi combines the MSD framework with her psychotherapy skills and focuses on empowering women to live a life authentic to their values. She is the ideal coach for you if you are dealing with trauma, abusive relationships, or struggling to find your own voice and own what you want.

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Workbook + Bonuses

Join the MindfulSelf-Discipline tribe to gain access to all free bonuses.

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