Here is a list of apps, websites and devices that can help you implement the concepts of the book and become more disciplined. Keep in mind that none of these tools will give you self-discipline. They don’t replace the concepts and practices of the book—but they can help you follow them more easily.

The intention of this page is to be the most complete overview of self-discipline tools out there—so there is a lot here. Please don’t overwhelm yourself. You definitely don’t need to use all these tools; just choose two or three that can make your self-discipline easier.

I’ve marked with a pin (📌) the most important categories, and with a star (⭐️) the tools that I myself use.

While my intention is to keep this page up-to-date, it is not possible for me to check all these apps regularly. So if any of these tools cease to work, or if you find better tools than the ones shown here, please let me know.

The Minimalist Approach

If you don’t want to go through all of these options and figure out what you need, here is my essential list:

1. Higher Mind app (iOS, Android) — meditations, inspiration, tracking, pausing, journaling, rewards.

2. Habit-tracking app of your choice, such as Strides (see list below).

3. aTimeLogger (iOS, Android), or any other time tracker of your choice (see list below).

4. Calendar app of your choice.

5. Clock app of your choice (for alarms, countdown timers, and focused time).

Aspiration Pillar tools

• Evernote (multi-platform). A digital note-taking tool you can use to go through the workbook.

• Craft (iOS, Mac). A digital note-taking tool you can use to go through the workbook. I migrated to this app after using Evernote for 11 years, and find this is much better, if you are in the Apple ecosystem. ⭐️

• Typorama (iOS, Android). Create a custom screenshot to be used as your phone’s wallpaper. Use it as a constant reminder of your goals, aspirations, or values. ⭐️

Awareness Pillar tools

Meditation 📌

• Higher Mind app (iOS, Android). There are hundreds of meditation apps out there. But if you are looking for meditation techniques that are focused on developing self-discipline and self-mastery, check out the app we’ve built specifically for this. ⭐️

• Limitless Life program (multiplatform). This is my in-depth meditation and emotional well-being program, part of the LiveAndDare brand. This is for those who want to go deeper in meditation, beyond just the benefits of self-discipline. ⭐️

Journaling 📌

• Day One Journal (iOS, Android). A feature-rich journaling app, ideal for an elaborate journaling practice.

• Higher Mind app (iOS, Android). A simple three-question journaling template to develop greater awareness and accountability in relation to your goals. ⭐️

Stoic. (iOS). A collection of journal prompts and self-reflection exercises.

Pausing 📌

• MeaningToPause (learn more). A bracelet that vibrates every 60 to 90 minutes, reminding you to pause.

• Pause: A Simple Reminder App (iOS). Schedule pauses and reminders for specific times of your day. ⭐️

• Chill: Mindfulness (iOS, Android). Set up mindfulness reminders during the day, at random times.

• Re-Mindfulness (Android). Schedule reminders at specific times and with your own message.

• Blip Blip (Android). Set recurring mindfulness reminders, with custom text. Highly customizable.

• Higher Mind app (iOS, Android). Set up reminders to practice the PAW Method and bring more pause and awareness in your daily life. Includes a step-by-step breathing module, and willpower techniques for the different challenges you may face. ⭐️

Tracking 📌

• Higher Mind app (iOS, Android). Track your daily actions against your aspiration and goals. Review your history and notes. Setup rewards to keep you motivated. Export and backup your data. ⭐️

• Rescue Time (multi-platform). Automatically tracks how you spend your time in your computer usage. ⭐️

• Google Sheets (iOS, Android). Create custom templates to track your progress with your goals. ⭐️

Future-Self Connection

• FutureMe (website). Write a letter to your future self.

• FaceApp (iOS, Android). Create an aged version of yourself. (Carefully review their terms and conditions)

• AgingBooth (iOS, Android). Create an aged version of yourself. (Carefully review terms and conditions)

Commitment Devices

• Freedom (multi-platform). Blocks access to chosen websites, apps, or even to the internet as a whole.

• BlockSite (iOS). Blocks access to chosen websites, apps, on your iPhone, with password protection.

• Rescue Time (multi-platform). Automatically tracks your computer usage. Limits your access to time-wasting websites and apps. ⭐️

• Self-Control (Mac). Limits your access to time-wasting websites.

• Pause (Chrome). Gives you a five-second pause before accessing certain websites (an opportunity to practice awareness!).

• Serene (Mac). Limits your access to time-wasting websites. Includes a Pomodoro timer.

• StayFocusd (Chrome). Limits your access to time-wasting websites.

• Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook (Chrome). Replace your Facebook feed by an inspiring quote.

• AppDetox (Android). Take a digital detox by creating rules for which apps you can use and for how long.

• Stay Focused (Android). Block access to apps and websites on your phone. Has three levels of digital break.

• kSafe (physical product). Place tempting food items, or phone, or any other tempting object in a timed safe. The safe will remain locked until the timer reaches zero. No overrides!

Commitment Contacts

• stickK (website). Create and sign a “commitment contract.” You set a start and end date, assign a referee to hold you accountable, and add supporters to cheer you on.

• Beeminder (website). Combines commitment contracts with self-tracking. Your challenge here is to keep all your data points on a Yellow Brick Road. If you fail to do that, you lose the money you’ve put at stake.

Action Pillar tools

Goals & Milestones

• LifeTick (web). Create SMART Goals and milestones. Track and journal your progress.

• SMART Goals (iOS). Create SMART goals in a simple and guided way.

• Goals Setting Tracker (Android). Set long-term and recurring goals. Track your progress and add notes.

• Goals on Track (web). Create SMART Goals, milestones, action plans, and contingency plans. Track your goals and habits

easily. Journal your progress. A great tool for complex goals and projects.

Habit Trackers 📌

• Strides (iOS). Feature-rich, easy to use, and not overwhelming. My top recommendation for iPhone users.

• HabitHub (Android). Likely the best habit tracker app for Android users.

• Habitify (iOS, Android, Mac, Web). Most complete and universal habit-tracking app.

• Done (iOS). A minimalistic and clean approach to habit tracking. Beautifully designed.

• Google Sheets (iOS, Android). For those who love an old-school spreadsheet.

External Rewards

• Higher Mind app (iOS, Android). Accumulate points each time you take action toward your goals. Review your history and notes. Make progress. Unlock rewards. ⭐️

• Achieve: A Better You (iOS). Accumulate points each time you achieve your goals, and unlock rewards.

Time Management Tools

General Tools

• Digital Calendar (see this post for comparisons). List of the top calendar apps per platform.

• Planner Pro app (iOS, Android, Mac). A feature-rich and highly customizable calendar and planner app.

• Focus Matrix (iOS, Mac). Organize your life and work according to the four quadrants. Includes tasks reminders, due dates, search, tags, and password protection.

• Priority Matrix (website). Organize your life and work according to the four quadrants, and keep track of your priorities. A more business-oriented version of this concept, for complex projects and team work.

Morning Routine

• Routinery (iOS, Android). A beautifully designed app that helps you create your routines, and guides you to follow the steps one by one. Includes many predefined habits, and progress tracker.

• TimeBloc (iOS, Android). A daily planner that goes much beyond just setting morning routines. Helps you integrate the concept of time blocks throughout your day. Also syncs with your calendar.

• Morning Routine (iOS). Create your morning routine and tick off your tasks as you go, one by one. It guides you through your routine via voice reminders.

• awakee (iOS). Create and follow a morning routine. Tick off your habits and visualize your progress.

• Morning Routine (Android). A simple app to build a morning routine and go through it step by step.

• Tinygain (Android). Create step-by-step daily routines and visualize your progress.

Paper Calendars & Planners

• Panda Planner Pro (hardcover). One of the best planners out there. Contains daily view (with the morning routine, priorities list, and end of day review), weekly view (projects, goals, week planning, last week review), and monthly view (plan your month, review your month, daily habits).

• Top Down Planner (hardcover). A unique and refreshing approach to planners, emphasizing your goals and values rather than schedule.

• NeuYear (learn more). A huge wall calendar to see your whole year all at once.

• Bliss Collections Monthly Planner (learn more). Wall calendar and planner (pink).

• Business Wall Calendar (learn more). Wall calendar, todo and notes (blue).

Time Awareness 📌

• aTimeLogger (iOS, Android). Excellent tool to track how you are spending your time. ⭐️

• Klokki (mac). The tool I use for tracking my work projects. ⭐️

• Time Cap (iOS). Time-tracking app with habit tracker included.

• StayOnTask (Android). This app will check up on you if you are on task or not, at random intervals.

Focused Time

• PomoDone (multiplatform). Arguably the best pomodoro app out there. Feature rich and easy to use.

• Focused To-Do (multiplatform). Pomodoro timer with ability to add reminders, create subtasks, add notes and due dates, and create repeat tasks. Syncs across all your devices.

• Be Focused (iOS, Mac). Highly customizable Pomodoro app for Apple users. Includes ability to export as CSV, sync across devices, several alarm sounds, notification center widget, and AppleWatch app.

• Forest: Stay Focused (iOS, Android). Helps you stay focused on a single task.

Digital Detox 📌

• Realized (iOS, Android). Helps you visualize how much you are using your phone every day. Includes insightful charts and notifications.

• Offtime (iOS, Android). Helps you take time off from your device. Gives you usage insights and comparisons with friends. Also scheduling and call blockage profiles.

• Offscreen (iOS). Great app to give you detailed insight on your phone usage. Beautifully designed.

• Moment (iOS). Visualize how much time you are spending on your phone. Allows you to share information with a group of friends for accountability. Created by Tim Kendal, who appeared in The Social Dilemma).

• YourHour (Android). Gives you great insight into how you are using your phone.

Other Tools

Task Management

• TickTick (multiplatform). A popular and feature-rich todo list and task management app.

• Things3 (iOS, Mac). A simple and delightful to use todo application for the Apple ecosystem. This is the todo app I use.

• Trello (multiplatform). Kanban-style project management tool with an intuitive interface and beautiful design.

• Asana (multiplatform). Goals and timelines. Great tool to manage complex projects.

• Amazing Marvin (multiplatform). The most feature rich task-management and day planning app out there. Super flexible and complete.

Sleep Better

• Sleep Cycle (iOS, Android). Intelligent alarm clock, designed to gently wake you up while you’re in your lightest sleep phase. Also gives you a detailed analysis of your sleep times and quality.

• Pzizz (iOS, Android). Sleep-optimized mix of music, voiceover, and sound effects that change each night.

• Noisli (iOS, Android). Background music to help you fall asleep.

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