The Three Pillars of Meditation

There are three pillars in meditation practice: Habit, Technique, and Transformation. You need to practice meditation as a daily habit, with the optimal technique, and apply the skills from meditation to transform your daily life. With these three pillars, your meditation practice will be pleasant and effective. It will flourish and give you optimal benefits. If even one pillar is missing, then the …

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The Benefits of Meditation for Self-Discipline

All of humanity’s problems stem from  man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. —Blaise Pascal If Pascal said that in the 17th century, what he would say today, when most people can’t spend one minute alone without unlocking their phone? A study from the University of Virginia found that many people would rather be electrically shocked than left alone with their …

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Meditation, Passivity and Drive

Sometimes, goal-oriented individuals disregard meditation as just living in the moment, chilling out, and being happy with what is. They fear that meditation may make them slow, apathetic, or passive, robbing them of their fuel to pursue their goals. Some people who practice meditation do become more passive; they lose the motivation to achieve their goals because they feel happy …

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Meditation 101

Meditation is a mental exercise that involves relaxation, awareness, and focus. Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body. The practice is usually done individually, in a still, seated position, with eyes closed—thus often involving stillness. But there are also ways to do walking meditation, and to integrate mindfulness into other activities (we could call this “dynamic …

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How to Get Quality Sleep

Good sleep, food, and physical movement are essential elements for our health, performance, and well-being, making everything else easier in life. Of these, for self-discipline, sleep is arguably the most important.  With inadequate sleep, our days, decisions, relationships, and well-being all suffer. It is a single problem with many negative consequences, including decreases in motivation, focus, mental clarity, and willpower. …

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Accountability for Self-Discipline

Many people consider accountability as a holy grail of habit-building. I agree that it’s a powerful tool, yet I don’t emphasize it as much, because self-discipline means self-reliance. I want you to be a light unto yourself and depend on nobody. To be someone others can depend on for motivation, inspiration, and support. To be an example of Mindful Self-Discipline …

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