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Your Identity, Your Life

A Vision for Yourself Designing yourself starts with a clear vision of who you want to be—that is, choosing your core values and beliefs. It is tweaking the deepest aspect of your personality: your identity. Everything else naturally unfolds from here. Survival Programming Whenever there are competing projects, interests, or pursuits, the focus on survival will always be the number …

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Find Your Strengths

Strengths are potentials for excellence that can be enhanced via awareness and willpower (self-effort). They are your personal superpowers. How Do Strengths Support Self Confidence? When you are in a state of self-confidence, you are focused on possibility. You are focused on your strengths, resources, and capacity. When you’re in a state of self-doubt, you are focused on uncertainty, potential …

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Cognitive Distortions

Several common patterns of negative thinking can lead us to doubt ourselves, have unreasonable fear, focus on the worst, and feel discouraged from taking action. These cognitive distortions undermine the key components of self-confidence. This is all made worse by comparing ourselves unrealistically to others, or by worrying what others might be thinking about us. Simply becoming aware of these …

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Pure Witnessing

It is the mark of an educated mindto be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. —Aristotle Witnessing is recognizing the thoughts arising in your mind and letting them all be as they are without “touching” them, believing them, or continuing them. It’s known as mindfulness in Buddhism and witnessing in the Hindu traditions. In the therapy world, it’s …

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